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Epilogue Feast

One Story 2017 closes with a traditional Native American feast and an inspiring presentation by botanist and author Robin Wall Kimmerer. She will share knowledge on the culturally important plants of the region who provide us with gifts of medicines, wild foods, materials and wisdom. Together we will discuss how a connection to local plants contributes to identity, well-being and a sense of place. Robin is a member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation.

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Spring In to Your Local Library Traditional Lifeways Workshop

Jefferson Ballew, Traditionalist from the Pokagon Band, will utilize items gathered from the earth to create a Sacred Fire. He will explain the tools and natural materials used to create the fire and the relationships we have to those items.

Next, experience a Deep Nature Connection with Justin Lake. Through stories and outdoor activities, we will learn routines that awaken our senses and help us restore our connections with the natural world. We will be exploring what it means to feel a deep sense of place.

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I Found No Peace by Webb Miller Book Talk

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An internationally famous foreign correspondent who grew up near Dowagiac, Webb Miller traveled the world reporting on world events and was present for many unique happenings of the early 20th century. He brought information to readers that would have otherwise been unavailable. The SHM Book Discussion Group will focus on a selection of his stories and the effect of that reporting throughout the world, as well as comparing modern media coverage of similar stories. Everyone is welcome!

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World Wide Webb Miller

Dowagiac resident and Webb Miller enthusiast, Jim Bussler, will present information about Miller’s early days growing up in Dowagiac, his experiences as a reporter traveling the world, and his book, I Found No Peace. Make sure to take a look at the museum’s Webb Miller exhibit before or after the presentation.

This program is part of the Spring Lecture Series. It is free to museum members and $5 for non-members.

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2:30pm 2:30pm

Shishibé: History of Gaming and Importance of Language

Traditional gaming is a social and communal event that helps in sharing the wealth of the nation. Jefferson Ballew, Potawatomi traditionalist, will discuss the history of Native American gaming. Rhonda Purcell, Pokagon Language Coordinator, will then host shishibé, a game using Potawatomi language. Come to SMC for an afternoon of learning and fun!

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Photographs of Dowagiac

The Dowagiac Area History Museum has access to a collection of over 6,000 photographs documenting local history and Steve Arseneau, Director of the Dowagiac Area History Museum and co-author of the book “Images of America: Dowagiac,” will present a program highlighting Dowagiac’s history from 1860 to World War II through photographs, including the oldest known photos of the city.

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